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 Chef’s Requested Angus Beef Roasts in four unique flavor profiles offer the consumer a number of choices on the plate.  Whether they choose to serve whole as a roast or sliced into individual portions, these roasts cover the plate with elegance, flavor, and style.

 Pairing the Garlic Peppercorn Roast with Spanish-style rice and carrots makes for a bold and spicy meal with the qualities of the restaurant table.

 Or pairing the Teriyaki Roast with steamed rice and stir-fry veggies brings to the palate the flavors of the Pacific Rim.

 Also available in a zesty Mesquite flavor profile

 These roasts are also available in a non-Angus profile as well.  Whatever the consumer is looking for can be found in the versatility and variety of these roasts…   ready to cook.

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